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Kauffman Drilling Company, Inc.

Kauffman Drilling Company, Inc.

KPK Drilling Rig 1KDC provides complete drilling services in the DJ Basin and surround areas.

KDC Rig #1 is a 250k# rig capable of drilling vertical and slightly deviated wells.

KDC Rig #2 is a 17,000' 600k# triple, built to purpose, horizontal capable rig.

KDC Rig #2 Inventory

Items  Description
Drawworks: Emsco M-58  (Upgraded to 1,000 HP) Grooved for 1 1/4" line (10) and 2 Cat C-18 630HP (1260HP) Engines
Mud Pump #1 F-1600 Triplex (1600 HP) w/ Cat 3512
Mud Pump #2 F-1600 Triplex (1600 HP) w/ Cat 3512
Mast  136' Superior (Triple) rated at 600,000#
Substructure 16' Box on Box
Traveling Box And hook McKissack 250 ton shorty 5 sheave
Swivel National  N-815
Rotary Table 23" Ideco
Kelly 5 1/4" hex 40' long
Light Plants: (#1) 300 KW powered by Cat D353, (#2) 300 KW powered By Cat C-15, (#3 backup) 300 KW powered by Cat 3408, (#4 backup) 300 KW powered By Cat 3408 & (#5 backup) 300 KW powered By Cat D353
B.O.P. Schaffer 11" 3M Double Gate
Annular 11" 3M Hydrill Annular
Closing Unit  Valcon 4 Station, 120 gallon with remote
Choke Manifold 4"x2" 3000#
Drill Pipe 12500' 4 1/2"white band -  XH connection
Drilling Collars 21-6" w/ 4 1/2" XH connection 
Mud Tanks (1) Shale Tank:  40'x10'x6' w/ 2 MiSwaco Mongoose elliptical shakers, 2 5x6 pumps, desander, 1 agitator  (2) Suction Tank:  40'x10'6' w/ hopper house, 2 5x6 pumps and 4 agitators 
Water Tank 300 Bbls
Fuel Tank 10,000 gallons
Auto Driller Pason
Survey Tool Survey Tool:  7 Degree -1 Sure Shot
Weight Indicator Martin Decker Clipper
Boiler  125 HP 
Electrical  480 Volt panel
Matting Boards Sub, Pumps, Light Plant, Mud Tanks
All Winterization Tarps, Railing and steam and electric heaters
Torque Gauge Pason
Frac Tanks 2 - 500 barrel Frac tanks for fresh water storage
Rental: 200 BBL Premix tank
  5000# Dual Ram BOP and Annular
  Gas Buster
  Closed Loop Mud System with Centrifuge
  4" XT Drill Pipe
  Rotating Head


KDC Rig #1 Inventory

Drawworks:    Dugan D-5 (Brewster N-4) Has new main shaft, bearings, and chains with Foster Catheads

Power:    60 Series Detroit 650 hp with Allison 955 torque converter.

Substructure:    36’8” long X 18’ 2.5” wide X 10’6” high with 12’ KB (6’ sub with 4’ pony sub)

Derrick:    97’ Butler Parks.  Rated at 250,000#.  8 lines @ 1 1/8” with stand.

Blocks & Bales:  Sowa 150 Ton with 144” Varco

Pump:     National H-850 Duplex, Mattco fluid end.  Gear end reconditioned by Klinzman Machine, Sterling, CO.  Powered by Cat 3412.

Rotary Table:    17 ½” Ideco with split master bushings.

Generators:    1-225 KW powered by Cat 3306 B.  1-250 KW powered by Cat 3306.

Air Compressors:   1 Quincy compressor with 10hp electric motor.  1 Ingersoll Rand UP6-10-150 Screw Compressor.

Swivels:    2-Gray type F 150 ton

Kellys:    1-4 ½” Hex Kelly with drive bushings.    1-4 ½” square Kelly with drive bushings

Weight Indicators:    1-300,000# Martin Decker     1-300,000# Quadco

Wireline Survey Machine:    10,000’ Five Star

Survey Tool:    Acadiana Oilfield Instrument, survey barrel with 7 degree and 14 degree clocks

Air Tugger:    5000# Ram winch

Well Control:    11” 3000# Reagan Annular, 4 station closing unit with dual air pumps.  5000# choke manifold, 7 valves with 2 adjustable chokes.

Mud System:  2 mud tanks with 600 barrel capacity.  1-Vortek Fluid Systems Shaker Orbital 3000M.    1-5X6 centrifugal pump for circulating and mixing mud at the hopper.

Water Tank:  400 barrel capacity with a 3X4 centrifugal pump

Fuel Tank:    2500 gallon capacity with 4 separate oil bunkers and fuel transfer pump.

Doghouses:    Top doghouse:  30’ X 7’ X 9’, insulated, drillers lockers, shelving, cabinets, knowledge box and benches.  Bottom doghouse:   40’ X 8’, one half is changing area for the hands with 16 lockers and benches, other half is parts room with work bench and electric heater.

Catwalk:    46’ long

Drill Pipe:    7000’ of 4 ½” Grade E 16.60# XH in baskets.

Drill Collars:    20- 6” (6”- 61/4”)

Tongs:    Wooley type C tongs.  3 ½” – 9 5/8” heads

Slips:    4 ½” pipe, 6” collar, 9 5/8” casing.

Subs & Breakers:    XH handling subs, bit subs     12/1/4”-7 7/8” bit breakers.

Miscellaneous Equipment:    Mouse hole, rat hole, 2 sets of pipe racks (30’ long), complete set of stairs for rig, complete electrical for rig, complete winterization for rig (custom made tarps).

Pason Satellite System with auto driller and depth recorder

Spare Equipment:    Extra drum for Drawworks including break bands, spare pump parts.